RIMA is the platform that allows for the managed and automated of evacuation processes - drills for schools and companies, allows for the schematization of each school group or office department and assigns them to blocks with specific evacuation times.

Rima can be implemented in schools, business buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and many places where people's access can be controlled.

Controls in real time the number of people evacuated, in the process of evacuation and not evacuated.

Send information during the evacuation process to the fire department and support agencies.

Transmit to the entire brigade the actual status of the process.

Check that the number of people entering the facility that day is the same number that is being evacuated.

Give priority to vulnerable or special needs personnel.

Eliminate loss or redundancy of information

Generate best practice in the spatial configuration of facilities.

Generate metrics in the simulations.

Re-feed the information from past simulations to improve future ones, being able to visualize the failures and be able to correct them.

To be able to rate the simulation




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